There is an optional restriction that can be activated to prevent custom discounts from being implemented on QashierPOS on both the product and bill level.

1. Implement Custom Discount with Manager PIN Activated on QashierPOS

When you want to implement a Custom Discount, click on the Custom Discount button in the product selection screen (for product level discount) or add bill discount screen (for bill level discount).

If the Manager PIN requirement to implement custom discounts is activated, you will see a screen to key in the Manager PIN. Click OK to submit

If the Manager PIN is implemented correctly, you will be brought to the % or $ discount screen to key in the discount to be applied to the product or order.

If the Manager PIN is keyed in wrongly, the screen will show a notification of Invalid PIN and redirect you to the previous page.

2. Manage Manager PIN on Store Settings in QashierHQ

To manage your Manager PIN or make changes on it, go to Store Settings in QashierHQ to edit and save it.

Here, you can check the current Manager PIN or amend it.

Should you require any restrictions on custom discount implementation on QashierPOS, kindly approach our friendly Account Managers to activate for you!

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