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Grabfood & Foodpanda Integration - How to Use
Grabfood & Foodpanda Integration - How to Use

Make changes to your menu, view and manage orders.

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Note: Auto-acceptance of Foodpanda orders is available. When an order is received, it will take around 3-5 seconds for the order to be auto-accepted.

To enable auto-acceptance of Foodpanda orders, go to QashierHQ > Settings > FoodPanda > tick "Auto Order Acceptance".

Here are some instructions on the things that you can do with the Grabfood & Foodpanda integration.

Making changes to your menu

  • Go to QashierHQ →Online Ordering Management → Select the relevant store and select Grabfood or Foodpanda under the platform selector

  • Proceed to make changes to your menu: Eg creating a new product, assigning a new modifier to a product etc

  • In 5 to 10 minutes, your menu changes should be synced over to your grabfood or foodpanda store

Editing of products and availability status on POS

The following can be done for products and modifiers on POS:

  • Change availability

  • Change name

  • Delete


  • Click on the top right hand corner, followed by ‘Edit POS’ button

  • Click on ‘Edit Grabfood Item’ button

  • You will then see your product categories and modifier buttons

  • Click on the relevant products or modifiers to make the necessary edits

  • Products and modifiers that are marked as sold out will be indicated

Video Example

Transaction Listener on POS Example

Transaction Listener - This is where you will be able to view and manage all Grabfood orders

  • Orders will appear with the tag' GF-xxxx'

By clicking on the order, a pop up will appear which will display more information.

Receipt Example

Order Chit Example

Sticker Printer

KDS Example

Transaction Records

Example of a GrabFood transaction on POS

Example of a GrabFood transaction on HQ


Example of the GrabFood report on POS. You can click on the filter button to select the GrabFood report to view it.

Example of the GrabFood report on QashierHQ. You can click on the Report Scope selector to select Grabfood in order to view the report.

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