Some customers prefer to pay for their own meals in a combined bill (of a table). To do so, we can make use of splitting the bill by item(s) ordered by each individual.

Examples of Use Cases

For example, a group of students are celebrating a competition victory. Orders were taken together at the table but they have decided to pay for their own meals only.

Order Details:

1 x Spaghetti RM35.00

1 x Brownie RM25.00

2 x Steak RM125.00

How to use

Step 1: When the customers are done with their meal, the cashier selects their table on the Table Overview

Step 2: User clicks the SPLIT button placed on the top right, and you will be able to see the - & + indicator appear beside the item. Select the item(s) that the first customer would like to pay for. If there is service charge and/or SST/GST applied, the total bill for that particular customer will change according to the selected item(s).

Step 3: Select Payment button to proceed with payment for the first customer.

Step 4: Once payment is done for the first customer, return to the table. The remaining unpaid items will be left on the table. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 for the next customer.

(If there is only 1 item left on the table, just select 'Payment' instead.)

Important Details to Note

  • Please contact our live chat if you do not see the Split Bill by Item option

  • Only applicable with table management

  • This feature will not work with bill dollar discounts and promotion buckets

  • Every split bill will create an independent transaction, you will see 3 different transactions if the bill is split for 3 customers

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