If your store has Dynamic QR / Static QR for table management turned on, you can choose to hide or show specific menu items based on the time selected.

How to set up:

In Qashier HQ → Product Management → Service Hours

User can set sections such as Breakfast menu or Happy Hour and create time ranges for each day of the week. For example:

Section name: Happy Hour

Only show items on Tuesdays between 4pm to 6pm

Sample set up is as below.

Step 1: Create your service hour sections, and set up the service hours for each section (you may create multiple service hours ranges in each section, i.e. you can have multiple happy hours throughout the day)

Step 2: Assign products to the required service hour sections (and the product will appear during the applicable service hours that fall in the section)

Select the required service hours to apply it to the item.

Thank you.

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