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GrabFood & FoodPanda Integration Explained
GrabFood & FoodPanda Integration Explained

Use our Qashier POS to receive, accept and manage Grabfood & Foodpanda orders and menu

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We understand the difficulties of having to handle both online and offline sales for your F&B business, as well as having to deal with multiple processes and devices such as having to:

  • Manually pass the order chit printed by Grabfood & Foodpanda devices to the kitchen

  • Updating both the Grabfood & Foodpanda menus and POS menu on different devices and platforms

  • Managing orders from Grabfood & Foodpanda and POS on different devices and platforms


As such, we have successfully integrated with Grabfood & Foodpanda to help you to make your restaurant operations easier by:

  1. Using our qashier POS to receive, accept and manage Grabfood & Foodpanda orders -> don’t need to use multiple devices

  2. Using our qashier POS or HQ to manage their menu → don’t need to use multiple apps

  3. Transactions and sales are automatically recorded in our POS - don’t need to manually key in or refer to multiple apps

  4. Order chit and receipt for Grabfood orders can be auto printed via kitchen printer

What's Next

  • Inform our friendly account managers via the live chat that you want to use the Grabfood and/or foodpanda integration.

  • Our Account managers will help you to activate the integration as well as assist you in setting up the respective menus on QashierHQ.

Here are some resources to help you get the most out of the Grabfood and Foodpanda integrations:

Click here to learn how to make changes to your menu, view and manage orders

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