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[Thailand] How to use semi-dynamic PromptPay payment method
[Thailand] How to use semi-dynamic PromptPay payment method

For merchants in Thailand only

Updated over a week ago

Feature overview

The PromptPay payment method is now improved with semi-dynamic QR such that payment amount will be automatically encoded in the QR code to be scanned and paid by end customer.

Key benefits

  • Easier, faster and more error free way of using PromptPay

How to set up?

Contact our friendly merchant support team to request turning on the semi-dynamic PromptPay method.

You will need to provide your PromptPay ID (either 10-digits of phone number or 13-digits of national ID).

How to use?

  1. After user choose the PromptPay payment method, the QR will be displayed on customer screen

  2. Customer can scan the QR directly without manual input of payable amount

  3. User is required to verify the payment via the phone screenshot

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