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How to Integrate Shopify with Qashier
How to Integrate Shopify with Qashier

How to integrate Shopify inventory to Qashier

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1. Linking Shopify API to Qashier

1. Select Apps on the left-hand side of the Shopify's page

2. Select App and sales channel settings

3. Select Develop apps

4. Click into 'Create an app'

5. Name the app 'Qashier' and select an app developer (either you or the person-in-charge), then select 'Create app'

6. Under the 'Qashier' app > Configuration, enable 'Read & Write' for Inventory and Products, and 'Read access' for Locations

7. Under API credentials, copy the Admin API access token

(Note: This can only be revealed once. You are required to recreate the custom app again if missed -- refer to step 3)

8. On the QashierHQ portal, select the top 'gear' icon > Settings > Shopify API Settings. Key in your Shopify Domain and paste the Admin API access token as the Shopify Password. Select Submit.

9. Assign a store location to your Qashier store. You have successfully linked your Shopify store to Qashier.

2. Linking Shopify & Qashier Products

How to get the Shopify Product ID of the item

  1. Go to the Shopify homepage

  2. Click "Products" on the left-hand side of the page

  3. Select the item that you want

  4. In the browser's URL, copy the digits at the back of the URL as that is the Product ID

Inputting the Product ID on Qashier

  1. On QashierHQ, select Inventory Management

  2. Select Assign Shopify Inventory Item ID

  3. Select the product

  4. Input the copied URL browser product ID that was copied earlier on

  5. Select Get Shopify Inventory Item Data

  6. Please select the button as shown in the last picture, before clicking confirm. (Important)

3. Viewing stock quantity on Qashier POS (with Shopify integration)


  2. Select an ITEM

  3. See "Quantity" in stock

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

To view itemised inventory adjustments on Shopify

  1. Go to Shopify

  2. Select the Products tab, on the left of the page

  3. Select an item

  4. Select Adjustment History

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