How to download QR code:

There are 2 ways to download QR codes for tables, one way is to download all the QR codes in bulk as a zip file, the second way is to download as you edit or create new tables

Download all QR codes in bulk:

  1. Go to HQ → Table Management

  2. Click on “Edit Mode”

  3. Click on “Download Table QR Codes”

  4. It will be downloaded as a zip file then when opened will have the individual QR codes with the table name appended at the back “Table_QR_tableName.png”

  5. Put the QR codes in your preferred template → Print → Stick to respective tables

Download QR when editing / creating a new table:

  1. Go to HQ → Table Management

  2. Click on “Edit Mode”

  3. Click on an existing table or new table

  4. Change/enter the table name and click “Download QR code”

  5. This will save the table name, generate and download the QR code in png format

  6. Finally, click “Confirm & Save Floorplan” to save the new changes

How to use:

NOTE: Merchant will need to activate the QR code first before customers can make any orders. If the table is not activated, customers will see an error message when they open the ordering page.

  1. To activate the QR code, merchant will need to click on the table in table management page in POS to activate the table. Table that is activated will show blue colour

  2. Customer can then scan the QR code and make orders. Table with orders will show green colour with the order fulfilment circle

  3. Merchant can add orders to the table via the POS, change table, void items etc the same way as with table management

  4. After payment is made, the table will be deactivated and the QR code will no longer be able to accept new orders

  5. Transferring all table items to another table, voiding entire table and payment made will deactivate the table QR code

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