How to set an expiry date for new packages:

  1. On the POS, select a product to be created as a package

  2. Click the “VIP” Icon on the top left corner

  3. Enter the package pricing and discounts as usual

  4. Enter the expiry months: 1 = 1 month from current date

Where to view package expiry date:

  1. VIP icon in POS page

    1. Search for a customer

    2. For QashierX1 / QashierXS / Qashier Tablet → Click on the package to show pop up

    3. For QashierXL → it will be displayed in the list itself

  2. Customer Management page in POS

    1. Select the customer and click on the package transaction in the purchase history

    2. Select the customer and click the VIP icon (same function as item 1)

  3. Customer management page in HQ

    1. Select a customer

    2. Click on “Package information”

    3. User can view the expiry date in the Expiry date column

  4. If a package has expired, the package row will appear in red and the merchant will not be able to click on it to redeem. This is the for both POS and CRM page


  1. Packages with 0 expiry months will not have any expiry date.

  2. The package will expire on the day it says expiry date. i.e if the expiry date is 30-01-2022. The user will not be able to redeem the package on 30-01-2022 anymore.

  3. If you have multiple stores under the same QashierHQ account, the expiry date will be shared across all stores.

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