Overview of PSG application process (5 stages):

Stage 1: Grant application using quotation (usually done during the sales process)

Stage 2: Approval result (4-6 weeks after grant application). If the grant is approved, you will receive a letter of offer (LOF). If the grant is rejected, you may choose to re-apply

Stage 3: Accepting the LOF if the grant is approved

Stage 4: Submission of claim after at least 30 days of usage (including all required documents)

Stage 5: Grant to be disbursed to your bank account (4-6 weeks after submission of claim)

Stage 3: Accepting the LOF

Guide on how to accept the LOF: https://www.gobusiness.gov.sg/business-grants-portal-faq/letter-of-offer/

Stage 4: Submission of claim

To submit the claim, you will need the following documents:

To submit the claim, follow the step-by-step guide here (link): https://qashier.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/PSG_Claim.pdf

Stage 5: Disbursement of grant

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks after submission for the grant to be disbursed to your bank account. You will also receive an email after the claim has been disbursed.

You may check the status of your claim by logging into the BGP portal using your Singpass/Corppass.

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