Tiered pricing refers to having a selection of prices on a product level.

It is an enhancement of the current member price feature that we have, which will be phased out in the future.

Current Member Price vs Tiered Pricing

Member Price

Tiered Pricing

Input customer name to proceed


Not required

Customising of Tier Name

Not allowed. Default : Member Price

Yes, any name you want

No. of price tiers

Only one.

Up to 20.

User Flow

Have to select product first then select member price (which requires more steps if want to select many products, all with member price)

Select tier first then select product.

Able to work with open price



Able to work with colour and size



Able to use with barcode scanner


Yes, based on price tier selected.

Able to select in invoice(HQ)



Use Cases

  1. Group Pricing

In this case, prices are established for different customer segments based on factors such as willingness to pay and type of customer.

Eg: A cafe with student price for some items.

2. Volume Based Pricing

In this case, merchants have different pricing tiers for each item based on how many items the customer buys in total.

Example: Merchant owns a fashion store, where each item has a price for 1 piece, 3 piece and 5 piece respectively.

1 Piece

3 Piece

5 Piece

Shirt A




Shirt B




Shirt C




3. Other Use Cases

Such as opening promotions, or happy hour where some beers will be half price from 6pm to 8pm.

How to Use

Creating Price Tiers - HQ

  • Go to HQ - Product Management

  • Click on the ‘Price Tier’ button

  • A pop up will appear, which you can then use to add, edit or delete price tiers. Note that the maximum number of price tiers you can have is 20.

  • You can also toggle on/off the tiers here, which will determine the price tiers that can be selected on the POS.

Setting of Price Tiers for each product

  • Click on a product in product management

  • Click ‘Manage Price Tier’ button

  • The 'Normal Price' Tier's price cannot be edited in this page.

  • Price tiers that are greyed out are toggled off and cannot be edited.

  • Price tiers in blue are those which the merchant has keyed in a price and are hence active.

  • Price tiers in white are toggled on, but does not have any price set yet hence it does not apply to this particular product.

Making a Sale

  • On the point of sale page, click on ‘Select Price Tier’

  • A pop up will appear, where you can select from a list of price tiers that has been toggled on via HQ.

After selecting the price tier, it’s name will then appear to indicate that it has been selected.

When you click on a category, products with the price tier set will have an icon beside it, while those without will not.

Barcode Scanning

You just need to select the respective price tier and scan the barcode. The respective price of the price tier would then be reflected.



You just need to select the respective price tier and select the item, then select Invoice as the payment method.


Once you have selected a product, you can click on the unit price dropdown which will allow you to select the price based on respective price tiers created.

Transaction Records

The price tier name would appear beside the product name.


The price tier name would appear beside the product name in the ‘Sales by Product’ table.


1.What is the max character limit of a price tier name?

50 characters

2.What is the maximum number of price tiers that can be created?

20 price tiers.

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