Important information

  • Table management feature has to be turned on

  • It uses POS products and NOT QashierEats products

  • Each dynamic QR code will link to a specific table

  • QR code will expire after 2 hours or after payment for that table is made (whichever comes first)

On the POS machine:

  1. Click on "Point of sale"

  2. Select a table

  3. Enter the number of Pax

  4. A pop up will appear with the QR code where merchant can select "print"

    Printed QR sheet

  5. After printing, the table will turn blue to indicate an active table

  6. Once a customer has scanned and placed an order, the table will change to green and the ordered items will be shown in the table summary

  7. You can void items, change table, mark as takeaway and add new items to the same table using the POS machine as well

  8. Payment to be done on the POS machine by selecting the table and choosing payment.

Excluding items from your dynamic QR menu.

In your Qashier HQ, go to "Product management", select the product that you want to exclude, and check the "Hide from QR menu" option.

Thank you.

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