To configure delivery and pickup settings, go to: > click gear icon on the top right hand corner > Settings.

On Settings page, choose QASHIEREATS, and you will see the available QashierEats settings below.

Next: Configure the ordering time slots.

  1. This is the maximum number of delivery orders that will be accepted per time slot. The value has be equals to or less than the "Max number of orders per time slot" set in the previous page.

  2. Toggle on "AUTO FILL MAX ORDER PER SLOT" so that the time slots autofill when you click on them.
    If you would like to manually fill in each time slot, then toggle this function off.

  3. There are 2 digits per time slot, the first digit represents the maximum number of orders accepted per time slot (includes both delivery and pick-up orders), and the second digit represents the maximum number of delivery orders that can be accepted in the time slot.

  4. In our example, you can see that the time slot is showing "5, 3". This means that the maximum number of orders accepted in this time slot is 5, and out this 5 orders, the maximum of 3 can be delivery orders.

Next: Configure delivery settings.

  1. Choose between Self-arrange or Integrated Pandago delivery model.
    *Integrated Pandago delivery model is only available after signing up. Reach out to the Qashier support team if you would like to sign up.

  2. Set your delivery fee model.

  3. You may also set a minimum order value that will receive free delivery, regardless of delivery location.

If Pandago delivery is selected:

  1. If Pandago delivery is approved and selected, there will be an additional delivery fee option of charging customers the exact delivery fee that Pandago generates.
    By enabling Pandago delivery, you have agreed to the terms & conditions set by Pandago. Do note that Pandago’s maximum compensation for any delivery is up to $200. Qashier provides only the integration service for Pandago delivery, and is not responsible for any delivery related issue. Please contact Pandago directly via live chat (on the Pandago portal) or email for any delivery related enquiries.

    And you are all set!

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