How to create a Client Level URL

For QashierEats

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Merchants with 2 or more stores in their client can create a client level URL to display all their stores, for QashierEats.


Just like with store level url, you will be able to add in a logo, promotional images and description to be displayed on the client level url.

When ‘View Stores Location' is clicked, customers will be able to see a list of the merchant’s stores, displayed in alphabetical order.

When a store is clicked (either in the pop up or on client level url) , it will bring the user to the respective store.

When users are in a store level url, they can click on ‘Store Listings’ which will prompt the same pop up as before to appear.

How to Setup

Go to HQ -> QashierEats Online Ordering Management

Click on "Edit Client"

Fill in the relevant details

Click on ‘Go to Client/Store’, then click on client.

You will then be brought to the client level url.

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