How to create discounts for QashierEats
You would like to give discounts to your customers on QashierEats
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  1. Login to HQ and navigate to QashierEats Online Ordering Management

  2. Select your store and click "Edit Discount"

  3. This will show a popup with a list of all discounts created

  4. Click on "Create Discount" in the top right corner

  5. Another popup will be displayed where you can enter the information for your discount

    Discount Name

    • The name of the discount, for total bill level this will be shown to the customer at the checkout page

    Discount Type

    • Select whether this discount is Automatic or Promo Code (Currently not available)

    Discount Amount Type

    • Select whether this discount is % or $

    Discount Amount

    • The discount amount to the applied

    Discount Description (Optional)

    • To enter more information regarding the discount, not displayed customer

    Applicable to

    • Select which order type this discount is applicable for, it can be more than one

    Applicable discount to

    • Select if this is a total bill or item level discount (Products/Categories)

    Total bill

    • Enter the minimum order amount, empty/ $0 for no minimum

    • Add exclude category/ product - select which product or category to exclude from this discount

    • Allow multiple discounts - select if this discount is usable together with item level discount of the same applicable order type

    Products/ Categories

    • Add eligible category/product - select products/category that is eligible for this item level discount

    Discount Schedule

    • Apply to specific days

      • To select the applicable days of the week and time that customers will get the discount

      • When turned on, you will need to select which day of the week from what time to what time will customers be eligible for this discount

      • This is only applicable to ORDER DATE & TIME (Transaction date & time)

    • Apply Date Range

      • To select the applicable date range where this discount will be eligible

      • When turned on, you will need to select the start and end date and time

      • This is only applicable to ORDER DATE & TIME (Transaction date & time)

    • Both can be used together, i.e

      • Specific days - Wed 3pm-5pm

      • Date range - 1st Aug - 31st Aug

      • Means that the discount is only applicable every Wednesday at 3-5pm between 1st Aug - 31st Aug

Understanding discount types

Discount type


Bill level discounts

This discount is applicable to the total bill amount and you can choose to have products or categories excluded from this discount.

The customer will be able to see this discount reflected at the checkout page if they have hit the eligible criteria.

You can also choose for this discount to be stackable/used together with or without item level discounts. For example

Item A discounted price $8.00 (NP $10.00)

Item B $10.00
Subtotal = $18.00

Bill level discount (non-stackable) = -10%
=> Final amount = $17.00
Bill level discount (stackable) = -10%
=> Final amount = $16.20

For exclusion of items, if the minimum order amount to be eligible for this discount is $20.00, only those products that are NOT excluded can be used to hit the minimum order amount.

Item level discounts

You can choose individual products/ entire categories that are eligible for this discount. The product price will show the original and discounted price on the menu.

No minimum order amount is required to obtain this discount. It uses date/time/day and order type as the criteria.

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