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Customer Loyalty System: Points
Assigning loyalty points to your items on QashierHQ
Assigning loyalty points to your items on QashierHQ
Customers will be awarded points based on how much they've spent.
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You can assign different dollar-to-points ratio for each category in your Product Management.

  1. In the QashierHQ portal, go to Product Management


  1. Select a Tab and then key in Reward Points per Dollar (e.g. 1 point : 1 dollar)

  2. Tick the checkboxes for the Categories you would like to assign the points to (All products in the selected categories will be assigned the indicated reward points ratio)

  3. Click CONFIRM to apply and save changes

Points to Dollar Redemption:

The default points-to-dollar redemption ratio is 100 points = $1 discount.

If you would like to amend this, please inform us via Live Chat.

How to redeem points:

  • Customers can redeem points to receive cash rebates and offset their current bill. By default, 1 point is equivalent to $0.01.

  • After Point of Sale, select an existing customer. At the payment page, select REDEEM at the top right of the page and then select Redeem Points.

  • Key in the number of points the customer would like to redeem and the Redeem points amount ($) will be automatically filled in. Select CONFIRM and the discount will be applied to the total bill.

  • Proceed to select your customer's payment mode to pay for the remaining bill after discount.

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