To set up your CC terminal:

  1. To turn on your credit card terminal, press and hold the button located on the right side of the device, OR plug in the charger in the USB port found on the left right of the device.

  2. Once turned on, select the bottom right icon (Menu) > Admin > Admin PIN: 2580 > Network > WIFI > Add your wifi network.

  3. Once connected, you should see the Wifi and Cloud icon on the top right corner of the screen.


To check if your CC terminal is successfully linked to WIFI:

Go to the Admin menu > Admin PIN: 2580 > Network > Diagnostics > Run both 1 and 2. Both diagnostics should say 'Success'.

If diagnostics have failed, your wifi is most likely down. Please restart your wifi router and try again.

(Please contact us via the Live Chat if your CC terminal is not connected to Qashier POS and diagnostics have failed)


How to make a credit card transaction:

(Works the same way as the non-portable model as shown in the video below)

For HSBC cards, you'll need to insert the card instead. The credit card terminal will prompt for PIN > Press the green O button to skip.

Voiding a credit card payment transaction on the POS terminal will automatically initiate a refund for the credit card payment. Do refer to this guide for additional information:

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