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[SG/AU] QashierPay KYC Merchant Account Guidelines
[SG/AU] QashierPay KYC Merchant Account Guidelines

Here's how to ensure your credit card application gets approved quickly

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Accepting Card Payments In-store or Online

To apply to accept credit card payments online and offline, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the QashierHQ portal

  2. On the left navigation banner, select 'Payment Management'

  3. Under 'Debit/Credit Card In-Store', click on 'Apply Now'

We kindly request your complete attention to adhere to the requirements below, ensuring a smooth and seamless approval process for your application. Completing the application form will require approximately 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Process

KYC is a process to verify client identity and assess associated risks. We require basic business information to comply with regulations and establish a safe and secure business relationship. Please provide accurate and complete information to ensure regulatory compliance and maintain a trustworthy partnership.

To ensure your application gets approved as soon as possible, please follow the below guidelines when submitting your application:

Company Registration Document

When creating an account with our services, you will come across the “Company” section on the application form.

This section requires you to fill in information such as:

  • Company Type (This will be pre-filled for you, please get in touch with us if this is incorrect)

  • Company Registered Name

  • Company Registration Number

  • Company Registered Address

  • Company Registration Certificate/Document (PDF file only)

Bank Account Details

Under the ‘Payout Account’ section, you are required to submit your bank account information. Please ensure that the bank account number, SWIFT code, and bank code (e.g. 1234) are entered correctly. If you are unsure, please check with your bank.

You must also submit a copy of your bank statement or a screenshot of the online banking environment. The document uploaded must show the following clearly, otherwise, it will be rejected:

  1. Account holder name (e.g. ABCD Pte Ltd)

  2. Account number

  3. Name and logo of the bank

  4. The document uploaded must not be older than 6 months

Copy of bank statement

Copy of online banking environment

📌 Note: For screenshots of an online banking environment, the "last login" date and timestamp will be used in place of the bank statement's date of statement.

Identity Documents

Under ‘Ownership & Control’, you are required to submit the information of all owners who own 25% or more voting rights, shares, or other direct/indirect control in your company; as well as uploading either an identity card (both front & back) or passport of the major shareholders/owners. To ensure a fast application process, the images(s) uploaded must:

  • Be a clear, colored copy with no glares

  • Not be cropped off and must be the entire copy

  • Not be broken or damaged with any cracks

  • Be straight and upright

DOs and DON'Ts of Document Submission:



✅ Both IC front and back/passport images taken on a flat surface

✅ All 4 corners of the IC/passport are clearly seen within the frame

✅ All details on the IC/passport are clearly seen

✅ IC/Passport is free from damages such as cracks, chipped corners, broken into half or parts etc.

✅ No light reflection when taking photos of the IC/passport

✅ Colorized images of the IC/passport


❌ IC/Passport is damaged (cracked and split into half, broken corners)

❌ IC/Passport image with watermark covering key information

❌ IC is scanned in black and white

❌ IC/Passport is blocked

(with finger/sticker)

❌ All 4 corners of the IC/passport are not seen within the frame

❌ IC/Passport image has glare or overexposed

What if I do not have a valid ID or Passport with me?

You may submit images of the following documents instead:

  • ✅ Driving License (front and back)

  • ✅ Work/Employment Passes (front and back)

📌 Note: The guidelines mentioned above remain applicable.

Your credit card account will take approximately 7-10 working days to process approval. You will be informed by Qashier once it has been approved and activated.

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