Predefined packages are common packages that you would like to save to your POS for ease of selection. The number of sessions and package price will be saved.

Packages have to be tagged to a main product. To do so, select the individual product to edit product and then select "EDIT PREDEFINED PACKAGE" on the top right corner.

Let's look at an example:

2 packages for Korean Treatment:

  • 5 sessions for $700

  • 10 sessions for $1300

  1. Indicate the number of predefined packages you would like to create.

  2. Enter the item quantity per package (number of sessions) and the package price.

  3. Select CONFIRM to create the packages.

When you are done creating the packages, please go back to the main page on your POS terminal to auto-refresh the changes.

You will now see your predefined packages in Point of Sale.

Select the main product and then select the VIP icon on the top left to add a package to the Current Sale. Your predefined packages will appear below Customized Package.

Refer to this guide to learn How to Sell Packages from the Qashier POS terminal.

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