You can now issue invoices to your customers and keep track of customer payments. Partial payment/Deposit can also be made with invoices.

To issue invoices from the Qashier POS terminal:

  • To issue an invoice, go to Point of Sale and select the items to be purchased.

  • Select NEXT and select an existing customer or create a new customer profile. (Selecting a customer is compulsory)

  • In the payments page, select INVOICE and you may choose if you need a deposit for this invoice transaction.

  • Invoice Number will be auto-populated but you may edit it as you please. Key in Invoice Notes (pls inform us if you would like to auto-populate your notes) and select the Invoice Due Date on the calendar. Then, select CONFIRM once you're done. The invoice will be sent to the customer's email address too. Select CONFIRM again and enter the Deposit Amount that the customer will be paying upfront. After that, select the payment mode for the deposit.

To issue invoices from QashierHQ:

  1. Log in to and go to Invoice Management

  2. Select 'CREATE INVOICE'

  3. Select the main staff

  4. Select a customer - you can search for an existing customer or create a new customer profile

  5. Edit payment date if necessary

  6. Select 'Add Item', select 'NO' if it is not a customized product (not in your Product Management) and click the empty field under 'Product*'

  7. Search the product by name/barcode/SKU or by Tab/Category

  8. You can edit the quantity, notes and discount (% or $) for each item

  9. You can also add % and $ bill-level discounts and Deposit Amount & Payment Method if applicable

  10. Select PREVIEW to load the invoice sample or CONFIRM to create the invoice

  11. The invoice will be generated and non-editable moving forward

To mark an invoice as paid:

From QashierHQ > Invoice Management, you will be able to view all invoices opened, their details, payment status etc.

  • To view full invoice details, click into the individual invoices. There are 3 options you can choose from: 1) Mark as paid, 2) Generate invoice PDF, and 3) Cancel invoice.

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