Note: TPG SIM cards will not work on Qashier POS. We recommend using a SIM card from Singtel, M1 or Starhub.

To insert the sim card into the Qashier POS terminal:

Watch this video on how to enable the SIM card:

(Note: if you do not see the general settings when you select the wifi button, speak to us on Live Chat with the message 'enable wifi settings' and we can enable it for you)

To activate Hotspot on the Qashier Smart Terminal:

  1. From the Home page select Settings and select <HOTSPOT>

  2. Select <Wi-Fi hotspot>

  3. Go to <Keep Wi-Fi hotspot on>

  4. Select "Always"

  5. Go to <Set up Wi-Fi hotspot>

  6. Under "Network name", enter your preferred hotspot network name (this is the name that will show up when users scan for wifi networks). Under "Password", enter your preferred password. Press <SAVE>

  7. Lastly, check that your hotspot is now turned on at the top of the page

If you have a Qashier Credit Card Terminal, you may connect to your Qashier POS terminal's Hotspot Network!

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