Credit Card Payout Report

Check your credit card transaction payouts and the payout status

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The Credit Card Payout Report allows you to track how much has been paid out to you and the status of your bulk payout. Please note that transactions are processed in T+2 working days and payout occurs every Tuesday and Friday.

Note: Qashier also offer transaction processes in T+1 working day in specific countries. To find out more please contact our Customer Support Team here.

To view your Credit Card Payout Report, log in to your QashierHQ account and select Payment Management > Credit Card Report in your left navigation bar.

Graph 1 - Credit Card Transaction Payouts

View your payout records here. You should receive the amount stated on a set date. It should be aligned with your bank statement.

E.g. In the graph below, $102.48 has been paid out on Oct 29.

  • Click into the BLUE BAR to view the transactions paid out in this batch.

  • You can also EXPORT the "Pay Out Transactions" report from here.

Graph 2 - Credit Card Transactions (Net Sales) - Current Status

This report shows your daily transaction-level status chart.

- The yellow bar means that your transaction payout is still pending/processing.

- The green bar means that the money is "ready for payout".

When it’s yellow, it means your bank is still processing it, and it takes 2 working days (T+2) to process. After it’s processed, it will show as a green bar. This means the money is “ready for payout”. Before the payout date (every Tuesdays & Fridays), all the “ready for payout” money will accumulate and stack. On the payout date, all the ready for payout money will be paid out to your bank account at one go.

Note: Payout amount is after processing fee has been deducted.

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