Equipment required to setup Wifi Printer:

  1. Qashier POS

  2. Qashier Wifi Printer (Black model)

  3. A laptop or phone

Part 1: Finding your IP address from POS terminal

To connect the printer to your Qashier POS via Wifi, you will first need to find out your Wifi IP address.

Here's how to find your Wifi IP address:

Connect your Qashier POS terminal to your wifi network. If your network has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi, connect to the 2.4 GHz network (to identify which is 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, refer to your wifi name. 2.4 GHz wifi will often look like [yourwifiname] OR [yourwifiname_2G] whereas 5 GHz wifi will often look like [yourwifiname_5G)

When connected, on the Wifi page, select the Gear icon on the top right and take note of your IPv4 address. (e.g. - Ignore the last 3 digits behind the last dot.

You will need to key in the IP address in the blue printer configuration page below.

Part 2: Configuring your Printer Wifi IP Address

  1. Plug in, turn on your printer and place a receipt roll inside.

  2. Connect your computer/phone to the Printer Wifi (Printer network name starts with 'E250-xxxx').

  3. Open your browser and type in and it will prompt for username and password.

  4. Username: admin, Password: admin

  5. Go to STA Setting and follow the screenshot below.

Network Name (SSID): Select "Scan" and select your wifi network from the list.

Encryption Method: Do not change.

Encruption Algorithm: Do not change.

Password: Enter your wifi password.

Optain an IP address automatically: Disable

IP Address: Check IP address from your Qashier POS - Go to Settings > WIFI > WIFI Settings (Gear icon) > Copy IP address but last 3 digits change to '201' (for 2nd printer change to '202', 3rd printer change to '203' and so on)

Subnet Mask: Enter

Gateway Address: Same IP address as but last 3 digits change to '1'.

DNS Server Address: Do not change.

Select Save and restart your printer by turning it off and on again. Your printer should print out a Wifi Configuration slip as shown below.

Part 3: How to link your Qashier POS terminal to your Qashier WIFI Printer

On your Qashier POS terminal,

  1. Select the top right Gear icon (Settings)

  2. EDIT POS > Key in Terminal PIN

  3. Printer Setting > Configure IP address > Select which printer to configure (if you have more than 1 printer, select 1 first, 2 and so on) > Input the IP address as shown on the printer's Wifi Configuration slip that was previously printed out (e.g.

Do not select the other options: Printer WIFI & Connect Printer, and return to the POS home page.

And... you're done! To test if your printer has connected successfully, go to Settings > Printer Test to try printing.

Note: Thermal receipt rolls can be purchased online or at any stationary stores.

Recommended Dimensions: 80mm (width) x 80mm (height)

*Any height below 80mm can be accepted as well

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