One-Time Customized Product: For unexpected products, not the usual products found in your Point of Sale

Open Pricing: Customize your price each time you select a product

To enable Open Pricing for your Products:

  1. On QashierHQ, go to Product Management.

  2. Select an item to enable open pricing for.

  3. Tick the checkbox 'Allow Open Price' for the item.

On your Qashier Smart Terminal, an additional field called 'CUSTOMIZED PRICE' will appear below the item when it is selected. Here you can enter any pricing and it will overwrite the original price tagged to it.

For One-Time Customized Products:

  1. On the Point of Sale page, select the <calculator> icon on the top right.

  2. Key in your one-time customized product name and price, and indicate any remarks & quantity under Notes & Quantity.

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