To Change Tables:

  1. On the Qashier Smart Terminal, go to Point of Sale to go to Table Management.

  2. Select an occupied table to change tables.

  3. Tap on the table number at the top (e.g. Table 1).

  4. Select CHANGE TABLE and enter the table number you would like to transfer to. (The table to transfer to must be a EMPTY TABLE.)

To Combine Tables:

  1. Select either of the occupied tables that you want to combine.

  2. Select CHANGE TABLE and enter the table number of the other OCCUPIED table.

  3. Select YES to combine the bills of the 2 tables.

  4. Enter the terminal PIN to confirm.

To Split Orders to a Different Table:

  1. Select an item from an occupied table.

  2. Select Void/Change Table and then select Change Table.

  3. From the dropdown list, select a new table to shift the item to, and press OK.

  4. Transfer Successful!

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