Modifiers are sets of options that can be applied to your items, such as toppings or add-ons.

To create modifiers in QashierHQ:

  • In Product Management, select MODIFIER.

  • In Modifier Set, select + ADD to add a new modifier set.

  • Name your Modifier Set e.g. Toppings and CONFIRM.

  • Select the new Modifier Set and select + CREATE MODIFIER under the set.

  • Name your modifiers and add a price to them.

Note: You can also change the sequence of your Modifier Sets / Modifiers by selecting 'CHANGE SEQUENCE'.

  • Next, you have to assign the modifiers to the categories.

  • Select a category, select ASSIGN MODIFIER and select the modifiers for the selected category. (Tip: Select the Modifier Set Name e.g. Toppings to select all modifiers under the set)

  • Close the window once you are done selecting them.

On your Qashier Smart Terminal, your modifiers will appear in the selected category, after Notes & Quantity.

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