Example Scenario:

  • TAB: T-Shirts

  • CATEGORY (product name): Oversized Crew Neck Tee

  • Colours: Black, White, Blue

  • Sizes: S, M, L

  1. Go to Product Management and select the T-Shirts tab.

  2. Select CREATE CATEGORY and enable 'My products have various sizes
    and/or colours'.

  3. In Category Name, type in your product name.

  4. Tick the checkboxes to toggle Colour and Size according to your product.

  5. Enter the product price and cost (if applicable).

  6. To add a new colour/size, select the Plus (+) icon and key in respectively. To edit colour/size, select the Pen icon. To delete a colour/size, select the Bin icon. Select CONFIRM when you're done.

To add new colours or sizes to an existing product, select the product and then select Add Colour/Size.

This is how your item will look like in your Qashier Smart Terminal.

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