Modifiers are sets of options that can be applied to your items, such as toppings or add-ons.

To create modifiers on the Qashier Smart Terminal:

  • On the main page, select Settings > EDIT POS > EDIT ITEM.

  • Select MODIFIER SET on the top left-hand corner to create a new one. Name it accordingly e.g. Special Requests.

  • Tap outside the Modifier Set pop-up page to go back to the EDIT ITEM page.

  • Select MODIFIER on the top right-hand corner and select CREATE MODIFIER.

  • Name your modifiers and add a price to them. Select the drop-down box to select which modifier set it belongs to.

  • Next, you have to assign the modifiers to the categories. Select a category.

  • Select ASSIGN MODIFIERS on the top right-hand corner of the category page and select the modifiers for the selected category.

  • Now on the Point of Sale page, you can add any modifiers to your products in the assigned categories.

Tip: For stores that offer takeaway services, we recommend that you add it as a modifier. In the order chit, modifiers will be printed under the selected product so that your kitchen staff knows which items to pack for takeaways.

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