The time slot management feature is useful for merchants in the entertainment sector such as indoor playgrounds or pet cafes. Time slot management can be found in the Point of Sale page.

To create a slot for a new customer, select ADD SLOT at the top right-hand corner.

If you would like to skip, select PROCEED TO POS.

Select COUNT DOWN if you are limiting your customer to a specific period e.g. 1 hour.

Select COUNT UP if you are charging your customer based on the flexible time they are staying for.

To activate Count Down: Enter Customer Name & the minutes to count down from.

To activate Count Up: Enter Customer Name & select starting time to count up from.

Here you'll see the active slots.

  • To end a time slot, simply select the slot and mark as expired.

  • When time is up for a Count Down time slot, the slot will turn red.

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