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Chain Store Management in QashierHQ

Share your products and inventory management across your outlets.

Updated over a week ago

With Chain Store Management, here are a few things you can do:

1. Reports

By default, reports will show the sales information of the selected store.

By switching on ALL STORES, you can view a consolidated report of all stores.

2. Product Management

All stores will share 1 centralised product list - you'll only need to create your new products once and it will automatically reflect in all your stores.

3. Inventory Management

If stocks are running low in a store, you can transfer stock from 1 store to another.

  • In Inventory Management, select TRANSFER STOCK.

  • Select your Source Store and Destination Store.

  • Select Add Products dropdown list and select the item(s) you would like to transfer the stock of.

  • Here you'll see the item(s), the source stock and the destination stock.

  • Select '0' under Transfer Quantity and enter the quantity to transfer.

Select CONFIRM to make changes.

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