*NOTE: This wifi printer guide is for white model printers. If you have more than 1 printer, set up each printer 1 at a time (keep the other printers off first)

To connect your Wifi kitchen printer(s) to your Qashier Smart Terminal:

  1. Turn on Printer and insert receipt roll.

  2. On your Qashier POS terminal main page, go to Settings > WIFI > Connect to your wifi router. (Please connect to your 2.4G network instead of 5G)

  3. Go back to main page.

  4. Go to Settings > EDIT POS > Enter terminal PIN > PRINTER SETTING.

  5. Select Printer Wifi.

  6. Connect to printer wifi (Printer_xxxx or QashierPrinter).

  7. Go back and select Connect Printer - Printer1.

  8. Input your wifi router name and password (NOTE: this step is case-sensitive. If you wifi name or password has capital letters, please input correctly here as well)

  9. The last 3 digits are already pre-loaded, do not change unless instructed to.


  11. After approximately 5 secs, a message will inform you if the connection is successful.

  12. Go back to the POS main page > Settings > WIFI.

  13. Press and hold the printer wifi and Forget Network.

  14. Connect to your router wifi.

  15. Restart your printer by switching off and on again.

  16. Once the red light (ERROR) on the front of the printer is turned off after approx. 10 secs, press the button next to the green light at the back of your wifi printer.

  17. A receipt will be printed and should have the following details under STA INFO:

  • SSID: [your router wifi name]

  • Password: [wifi password]

  • IP address: [last 3 digits are the same as pre-configured]

  • Status: Connected

18. On your terminal, go to Settings > PRINTER TEST. If the connection is successful, the printer should print out 'print testing'.

If you have more than 1 printer, repeat all steps but select Printer 2, Printer 3 etc.

Note: Thermal receipt rolls can be purchased online or at any stationary stores.

Recommended Dimensions: 80mm (width) x 80mm (height)

*Any height below 80mm can be accepted as well

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