To create a package:

1. Select POINT OF SALE.

2. Select an item from a tab and category.

3. Select the VIP Card icon from the top left-hand corner of the category page.

Customized Package:

You can create a Customized Package for your customer.

  1. Select item under CUSTOMIZED PACKAGE.

  2. Edit the Quantity of the item you want to sell in the package, the Package Price ($), and the Package Name. A discount can be applied to the package by selecting any predefined discount amount below Package Name. Select ADD PACKAGE.

Predefined Package:

You can also select a Predefined Package for your customer. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to create new predefined packages.

  1. Select any package under PREDEFINED PACKAGE.

  2. Select ADD PACKAGE.

To sell a package:

  1. Once you have added a package to cart, proceed to checkout by selecting NEXT and then NEW or EXISTING CUSTOMER. The package needs to be assigned to a member.

  2. Prompt customer to enter their contact number and select CONFIRM.

  3. Proceed to make payment.

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