To create a package:

1. Select POINT OF SALE.

2. Select an item from a tab and category.

3. Select the VIP Card icon from the top left-hand corner of the category page.

Customized Package:

You can create a Customized Package for your customer.

  1. Select item under CUSTOMIZED PACKAGE.

  2. Edit the Quantity of the item you want to sell in the package, the Package Price ($), and the Package Name. A discount can be applied to the package by selecting any predefined discount amount below Package Name. Select ADD PACKAGE.

Predefined Package:

You can also select a Predefined Package for your customer. Please contact us at if you would like to create new predefined packages.

  1. Select any package under PREDEFINED PACKAGE.

  2. Select ADD PACKAGE.

To sell a package:

  1. Once you have added a package to cart, proceed to checkout by selecting NEXT and then NEW or EXISTING CUSTOMER. The package needs to be assigned to a member.

  2. Prompt customer to enter their contact number and select CONFIRM.

  3. Proceed to make payment.

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