Feature overview

This allows merchants to sell credits to their customers, which can be used by them to make purchases in the future when they revisit the store.

Key benefits

  • Increase customers' revisit rate by selling credits to them at an incentivised amount which customers can return to use

  • Example: Hair salon selling 500 credits for $350, which can be used to redeem a variety of hair services → cut and wash, scalp treatment etc.


  • Credits can be used to pay for the full amount or partially (using split bill) where the remaining amount can then be paid with another payment method.

How to set up?

Go to HQ → product management:

  • Create a tab with the name ‘CREDIT’, followed by the relevant categories Eg: Haircut credit

  • You can then create products to sell credits, by filling in the price field as well as the credit field.

Eg: Credit top up of 500, for a price of $400.

How to use?

  • On your POS, go to point of sale and select a customer

  • Select your credit product and proceed to make payment

Paying full amount with credits

  • At the payments screen, you can click on the credits icon to select it as your preferred payment method

Click ‘confirm’ to then complete the payment.

Paying partial amount with credits

  • Click on the ‘split’ button on the top left hand corner of the payment screen

  • Split it to the number of relevant parts and amount which you want to pay with credits as well as other payment methods

  • Click on credits to make payment for the 1st part, followed by another payment method for the 2nd part.

Transaction Record

Paying full amount with credits

Paying partial amount with credits

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