There are two ways to register your customer as a member:

  • Before checkout at POINT OF SALE


Before Checkout at Point of Sale

  1. Go to POINT OF SALE > [Select Items] > NEXT > Indicate Customer Type

  2. You have the option to SKIP THIS STEP if the customer chooses not to register.

  3. Select NEW CUSTOMER to register them.

4. You may give them the terminal to enter their details or key in for them. The customer can also key in their contact number from the front screen. Select CONFIRM when done.

5. Customer may proceed to checkout after.

Customer Management

  1. Select CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT from the homepage and then the Add Member icon on the top right-hand side of the Customer Management page.

2. Prompt customer for Name, Contact Number (required) and other details.

3. Select CONFIRM when done.

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