To clock in/out before and after an employee's shift:

  1. Select TIME CARD on the Homepage.

  2. Select CLOCK IN or CLOCK OUT.

  3. Enter staff PIN number.

Note: Staff is only able to clock out when they have clocked in earlier on the same day. If he forgets to clock in or out, only the manager can help assist to do so.

Once an employee has clocked in and out of a shift, the record cannot be changed/altered. Should a staff forget to clock in or out during their shift, they will need to contact a manager to use 'Admin Clock In/Out' for them.

How can Managers clock in/out for any staff at a self-select date & time?

  1. Select Edit Staff icon on the top right-hand corner of the Time Card page.

  2. Enter admin/terminal PIN.

  3. Select staff and select ADMIN CLOCK IN/OUT and select the date and time.

To view time card history:

  1. Select Calendar icon on the top left-hand corner of the Time Card page.

  2. Select the range of dates you would like to view time card history of.

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