Table Management Overview
Efficiently manage your customers and tables in your restaurant
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* You can now edit your table floorplan!

Login to QashierHQ and go to Table Management.

To use table management in the Qashier Smart Terminal:

1. Select POINT OF SALE on the Homepage.

2. You may toggle between Floorplan Mode or Original Table Mode by selecting the Table icon on the top left-hand corner. For takeaway option, select TAKE AWAY on the top right-hand corner to skip Table Management.

Note: If you would like to activate Floorplan mode, please email us a sketch or picture of your Table Floorplan to [email protected].

3. When you have seated your customer(s) at a table, select the table in your floorplan and enter the number of pax. Select OK.

4. Take your customers' order and select NEXT. Order will be added to the table in your floorplan. You may print an order chit for the table and/or for the kitchen. Select BACK TO POS to serve another customer.

5. You will be brought back to the Table Management/Floorplan page and can view the available tables and occupied tables. Tables that are occupied will show up as green while tables that are empty will show up as grey.

6. Selecting an occupied table will give you a few options:

  • Trashbin icon: To void the entire table and order

  • Printer icon: To reprint entire table order for kitchen

  • Table name: Change number of pax or change/combine table

  • Discount icon: To apply a discount to total bill

  • Plus (+) icon: To add new item(s) to order

  • PRINT BILL button: Select when a customer asks for the bill. Prints bill and changes table to ORANGE.

  • PAYMENT button: Select when the customer is ready to make payment. Once payment has been made, the table will be emptied.

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