To turn on track inventory of items:

  1. Go to Product Management and select an item.

  2. Tick Track Inventory.

Tip: Track Inventory feature is also available during the creation of a new item.

To track inventory:

  1. Select Inventory Management at the left-hand side of the portal.

  2. Tracked items will be listed with the number of stocks.

  3. You can view an item's stock history or perform a stock action by selecting the item:

  • Stock Received: Add stocks.

  • Damage/Loss/Theft: Deduct stocks if they are as indicated.

  • Restock Return: Any return of items from customers can be added back into stock here.

  • Reset to Number: If there are discrepancies in the stock number, you can reset it here.

  • Others (+ / -): For other reasons, you may add or deduct stocks and type in your reason/action detail here.

  • Set Alert Threshold: Define the Fall Below Threshold Alert (when it falls below the specified number, Qashier will alert you of low stocks).

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