To turn on track inventory of items (only accessible to managers):

  1. Select Settings icon in the terminal's homepage.

  2. Enter terminal PIN.

  3. Select EDIT ITEM.

  4. Select an item you would like to track inventory of.

  5. Tap and switch the Track Inventory OFF button to ON.

Tip: The Track Inventory feature is also available during the creation of new items.

To track inventory (only accessible to managers):

  1. Select INVENTORY MANAGEMENT in the terminal's homepage.

  2. Enter terminal PIN.

  3. Tracked items will be listed with the number of stocks.

  4. Selecting an item will allow you to add a stock action to the item.

  • Check History: Track stock records of the item.

  • Stock Received: Add stocks and define the Fall Below Threshold Alert (When it falls below the specified number, Qashier will alert you of low stocks).

  • Damage/Loss/Theft: Deduct stocks if they are as indicated.

  • Restock Return: Any return of items from customers can be added back into stock here.

  • Reset to Number: If there are discrepancies in the stock number, you can reset it here.

  • Others (+ / -): For other reasons, you may add or deduct stocks and type in your reason/action detail here.

*You can see the number of stocks left of an item in POINT OF SALE.

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