To add a discount to an item:

1. From the POS menu, select the item you’d like to discount. You should see the selected item highlighted in blue.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the same window where you’ll find a <DISCOUNT> section.

3. Tap on either a percentage discount or a dollar amount discount. The selected option should now be highlighted in blue.

4. Tap on the empty field below to enter a percentage or dollar amount discount (i.e. 10% or $5). Note that this discount will be applied to each item added from this same window (i.e. if you selected a quantity of 2 and a discount of $5, the $5 discount will be applied to each item for a total discount of $10)

5. Tap “ADD ITEM” to add the discounted item into the current order

6. The discounted item(s) is(are) added into the Current Sale list.

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