To view your sales reports in the Qashier Smart Terminal:

Select REPORTS on the Homepage.

In the REPORTS page, a summary of your current day sales will be shown.

Available reports:

  • Sales Information: Sales summary of the selected date/time

  • Settlement by Payment Type: Total sales by payment methods

  • Sales by Employee: Total sales made by each employee that signed in on selected date/time

  • Sales by Department: Total sales made in each tab (first-level category)

  • Sales by Category: Total sales made in each category (sub-tabs)

  • Sales by Product: Total sales made of each product (individual item)

  • Credit Information: Summary of credits sold & redeemed for stores offering credit packages

  • Package Information: Summary of packages sold & redeemed for stores offering packages

You can export the sales reports to your email address or to print by selecting the Export icon on the top right-hand corner.

To view a sales report of a previous day or a specific period, select the Calendar icon on the top left-hand corner of the REPORTS page.

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