Select POINT OF SALE on the homepage.

Find and select the item in the category & sub-category tabs that it belongs to.

  • Double-tap to add an item and to stay on this page or;

  • Select an item, key in additional details and select ADD & CLOSE to add item and close the category.

Check the current total sale on the right-hand side of the screen. You may add a discount to the total sale by selecting (Tap for discount) under the Total amount. Select the discount type and select your discount amount. You may add a note too. Select RESET if you want to remove the discount. Select CONFIRM when you are done. When you're ready to ring up your customer, select NEXT.


On the payment page, select the payment method the customer chooses. The Qashier Smart terminal accepts Credit/Debit cards, QR Code payments, and Cash.

For cash payment, make sure your Qashier terminal is connected to the cash drawer. Enter the amount received from the customer or select EXACT CASH if you have received the exact amount chargeable, and select NEXT. The terminal will show how much change to give and the cash drawer will open automatically.

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