1. Login to your Xero account

  2. Go to the manage App page and click "New app"

  3. Fill in the information as seen in the page below:

    *Please obtain the OAuth 2.0 redirect URIs from our support team.

4. Click "Create app" and you will be redirected to the App details page

5. On the App details page, under OAuth 2.0 credentials, copy Client ID and Client Secret (click "Generate a secret" to create a new Client Secret).

6. Login to your QashierHQ and navigate to the settings page

7. Under the Xero Settings tab, paste in your Client ID and Client Secret accordingly then click submit

8. You will be redirected to Xero's page, select the organization you want to connect with your Qashier Store and click "Allow access"

9. Once it is connected, you will be redirected back to your QashierHQ settings page

10. Click the "Store" drop-down and select the Qashier store you want to connect to Xero. Then select the organization (Xero tenant) you want to sync with this store.

11. Three more drop-downs will appear at the bottom - Accounts for Products, Default Payment Account and Sales Tax. Select the Xero account type for each item and click "Save".

Your setup is completed!

Your sales information will now be synched to Xero daily at 12 midnight.

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