To View Cash Management on Qashier Smart Terminal:

  1. Select CASH MANAGEMENT in the terminal's homepage.

  2. Cashier to enter staff PIN.

Features of Cash Management

  1. Calendar icon
    Allows you to select a range of dates you would like to view cash transaction records of.

  2. Amount in cash drawer
    Tap to view the cash amount available in the cash drawer currently. Only accessible to managers. Staff should not have access to this to prevent cheating/stealing.

  3. CASH IN
    Tap when you are depositing money into the cash drawer (i.e. at the start of the day). This will increase the available balance in the cash drawer.

    Tap when you are withdrawing money from the cash drawer (i.e. at the end of the day). This will decrease the available balance in the cash drawer.

  5. TALLY
    Used most often when staff is changing shifts and/or at the start/end of the day. The cashier is required to manually count the cash in the cash drawer and select TALLY to input the amount. A system record and manual count of cash will be displayed under CASH IN/OUT HISTORY. Both amounts should tally.

  6. Cash Drawer icon
    For emergencies or others (e.g. wrong change given after closing cash drawer), enter terminal PIN to open cash drawer.

To View Cash Management on QashierHQ Portal:

  1. Select Cash Management from the menu on the left-hand side of the portal.

  2. You can view Cash In/Out History and Cash Sales of the current day here.

  3. To view Cash In/Out records of previous days, select [DATE] and specify a date/range of dates.

  4. Select EXPORT to export cash record as CSV file.

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